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Hello. My name is Wes and this site is mine. I have been interested and taking part in gambling games of one sort or another for well over 20 years.

I used to have a dislike for slots because I always said they were a game for suckers. So I always played some form of poker or video poker. Of course I used to think I could find an advantage every time I gambled.

Once I started playing for fun, concentrating on controlling my bankroll so I could play for as long as possible, and stopped being determined to find an edge, I started looking into playing slots.

Now I really like to relax and play slots. I never think I am going to win, but I always have a good time. And of course I do win sometimes, which just ads to the enjoyment of playing.

With the online casinos releasing better and flashier new slots on a monthly basis, there is always something new for me to try. So, the reason I started this site was because I like slots, I like to play free slots, and I wanted to share some of the information I have gathered over the years. I hope you enjoy your visit.



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