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Flash slots online slot machines that do not require a download of any software to your computer. They are usually played in your browser and are also known as no download slots.

Flash Slots Online

Most online casino software platforms offer a flash option, but not all of them. Even some of the casinos using the same download software don't offer flash slots while others do.

The main software platforms all have at least a few options. River Belle uses Microgaming software, Golden Casino uses Vegas Technology software and Rushmore uses Real Time Gaming software. They each have a flash option for their slots casinos.

Flash vs. No Download Slots

Like many terms used in every day life and on the Internet, Flash and No Download are used to describe the same thing. As far as I know, there is no difference between the two.

Advantages of Flash Slots

The advantages to using flash slots are:

  • No need to download any software.
  • Mac owners can play, unlike with most download casino software platforms.
  • You can play on any computer with an Internet connection.
  • You don't have to worry about something downloading a virus or something damaging your personal computer.
  • FlashSlots are fast. You can be playing in just a few minutes.

Play Free Flash Slots

Another advantage of flash technology is those of us that like to play free games can now play free flash slots without cluttering up our computer with software and files and we can play in just a matter of minutes. Each of the sites listed above have free play options. All you have to do is sign up for a free account and start playing. The next time you want to play, just log in with your account name and password from anywhere in the world.

I will have to admit that until recently I have only played download versions of the online slot machines. I just wasn't aware of the speed and simplicity of flash and no download slots. However, now I play the flash versions almost as often as the download ones. It used to be I would have to put the casino software on both my desktop and laptop, but now I just use the flash versions on the laptop, which makes my life easier.

In closing, if you are a Mac slots player, flash is one of your best friends, as most online casinos have been ignoring you with the download versions of their software. As a personal computer (PC) user, flash technology offers many advantages to you as well. Even if you have always used download packages, I highly recommend at least giving flash slots a try.

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