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On this page I explain the differences between casino slot machines and online slot machines. They play the same and usually look the same, so is there really a difference? That depends on how you look at playing slot machines. Much of the difference is reduced to the surroundings. In a casino, there are sounds and smells, often free drinks and plenty of other people. Most online slot machines have sounds which you can turn on or off, but none of the other casino sounds. Read on for more differences and similarities.

Casino Slot Machines

Land based casino slot machines are machines that sit on the floor or a table. You put either coins, bills or printed tickets into them for the opportunity to spin the reels, or virtual reels on a video screen, in order to try to win more money than you put into them. Many casinos still have 3 reel and 5 reel slot machines with actual reels in them. They all have newer video slot machines as well.

Most of the larger casinos also have "banks" of progressive slot machines tied together on the casino floor. These are all tied to the same progressive jackpot as well as to each other. In addition, many casino properties have multi location progressive slot machines, which share a progressive jackpot with the same brand machines in other casinos.

Casino based slot machines often have a well known brand or celebrity attached to them. Examples of well branded land based casino slot machines include:

Elvis Slot Machine

Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine

The Addams Family Slot Machine

I Dream of Jeannie Slot Machine

Family Feud Slot Machine

Harley Davidson Slot Machine

Slot Machine Manufacturers

Casino slot machines are made by, or have been manufactured by, the following companies:

AC Coin


Aruze Corporation



Cherry Master

IGT - International Game Technology



Mills Novelty Company

OD Jennings


Shuffle Master

WMS Gaming - Williams Gaming

Online Slot Machines

Though online slot machines look like they have reels, they are much closer to the video slot machines found on casino floors. All online slot machines are computerized game software systems using random number generators and fancy graphics.

Online progressive jackpot slot machines are tied into all of the same slot machines across the software platform, not the casino itself. There are also many slot machines that have their own jackpot, but are not progressive.

Online slot machines rarely have a well-branded name attached to them like those mentioned in the casino section above.

Online Slot Machine Software

Online slot machines are made and run by software companies. Here is a list of the popular ones:




Rival Gaming

RTG - Real Time Gaming

Vegas Technology - Odds On


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